infinity collison repair

Nowadays, despite the availability of various outdoor solutions, most of the existing floors are made with classic tiles. It is a type of flooring that requires special cleaning methods. Therefore, below, we will go into more detail on the function that the tile joints cover and  the way in which they can be made, cleaned and maintained infinity collison repair.

The function of the joints between the tiles and their visual impact. There has been a way to talk about this topic on other occasions. In fact, in a previous content we discussed grout for tile joints: when color is fundamental .

What is the function of the joints ? Why do we make them? Let’s say that, basically, since we lay the tiles on the ground necessarily a joint is created between one and the other, that is a contact line and at the same time separation in which one tile ends and another begins.

In fact, part of the problem is managing this dividing line. In fact, it is possible to have, as they say in technical jargon:

Gaps or closed joints

Gaps or open joints

In the first case, the laying of the tiles involves the use of a thin joint, i.e. under 2 millimeters or even directly with the elements in contact with each other. In the second case, the installation instead requires the joint to remain consistent, and therefore 4, 5, 6 millimeters or more depending on the case.

At the end of the laying, the gaps are filled with grouting . In this way the surface remains almost coplanar even if, in any case, there is always a minimum difference in height near the joints. However, we can make a virtue of necessity. In fact, a particular arrangement of the flooring can create an interesting and stimulating geometry of joints and tiles , empty and full.

Finally, we do not exclude the possibility of using colored grouts to guarantee more original and unexpected effects.

How to choose the size of the joints

But what is the function that we associate with the joints? In fact, it’s not just a physical matter. It is certain that by placing elements that are distinct from each other, spaces necessarily remain between one and the other.

But these are also necessary. In fact, by guaranteeing them we have the possibility to manage settlements, movements, dilations due to climatic variations and other phenomena. All processes that usually affect every floor.

And in fact, a closed joint weaving is often problematic for this very reason . That is, when there is an expansion or any deformation, since there is not a sufficiently large gap to absorb it, the floor clearly cracks.