Floor Clean

Potty training is one of the reasons why pets keep the entire house clean. To have a dog or cat at home is essential to teach them the right way to keep their waste disposed of properly. Yes, a dog can be trained, keep your tiles clean while potty training your dog.

Adopting a new puppy into your home is fun and exciting. But, it might cause stress. Puppies are needed to get trained to go to the bathroom. Once the dog is potty trained, the floor will keep clean and safe to step on.

Keeps flooring safe and clean

There is no need to be in much trouble to keep the tile floor clean. You have tile cleaning materials used to clean the floor from dog urine and keep it dry after. So, it keeps the floor tile from being slippery. Neither you nor the puppy is perfect. Thus, there is no sure if an accident may occur at home, which needs your dog to get potty training.

Positive reinforcement

Only dog experts can say how a dog behaves. So, if you are a dog owner, you need to understand the behavior of your dog before giving training. Potty training is one of the most important actions that your dog should learn. In this way, they don’t contribute to dirtiness inside the home. Instead, they can help you to keep your home clean and safe.

Giving positive reinforcement to your dog makes them trained without scolding them. Yes, dogs have the level of intelligence that any other pet doesn’t have. Positive reinforcement gives them the courage to understand what is taught to them. So, potty training is one of the basics.

Modifying the dog’s behavior through training is more effective to reinforce positively the behavior you want, by giving them rewards than scolding them makes the training successful. There are good ways to reward a dog for doing right:

  • Praise
  • Physical affection
  • Treats

The trick of giving the reward is to do it after they go outside.

Observe your dog

By observing your dog, the probability of needing to pee or poop is higher after drinking or eating. But, bodily actions are unpredictable, there are times that your dog may poop or pee that you don’t expect while indoors. So, observing your dog is the best way to train them and remind them of what is trained during potty training. So, you must keep an eye on your dog while doing the potty training to make it successful.