The amount of time that THC remains in your system varies depending on a variety of variables. It has been claimed that individuals who use marijuana regularly have tested positive after four to five days of usage, while those who consume marijuana in large quantities have been reported to have tested positive up to ninety days after refraining from cannabis consumption. It is also essential to remember that women metabolise THC faster than men since they have more significant amounts of body fat than men. On that point, the quicker your metabolism is, the faster THC gets eliminated from your system. Consequently, individuals with greater BMIS tend to retain THC for a more extended period than people with lower BMIS. Finally, by hydrating your body with water, you will be able to open the flow gates that will assist in flushing THC from your system. If you are looking for effective detox methods,you could try here for more accurate results with natural remedies or detox shampoos.

Hair follicle drug test

The hair follicle drug test is an accurate detox technique renowned for having an expansive window of detection among the many drug tests available on the market to identify toxins and marijuana usage in individuals. It is one of the most accurate detox methods available on the market. Even thoughmost people consider it to be one of the most challenging exams ever devised, there are methods to get around it.

It is necessary to submit either a chunk of hair or even a single strand, usually from the root or follicle, to a laboratory for testing. The results of the hair follicle drug test will not be available for many days. A person’s hair will usually retain traces of drugs for at least three months after being exposed to them.

This occurs because THC does not just vanish from your system once you have experienced the effects of the drug. It goes through your circulation, where it interacts with various chemicals before resting in deposits throughout your body to form deposits.


Our hair is one of the most apparent deposits in our bodies, and the blood that enables our hair to grow is the same blood that carries medicines.THC is highly dissolvable in body fat; as a result, this molecule may be found hiding in your fat cells before being broken down and absorbed into your blood vessels. To account for this, it is probable that it will be digested slower in obese individuals. If you do not intend to cleanse your system, the cannabis will remain in your system for a more extended period.