Ideas to lit up class reunion day

Are you missing your childhood classmates? Then why wait? Take the opportunity to gather their contact numbers and share your interest to organize a class reunion. Meeting old buddies after a decade is a nostalgic experience because it involves recalling memories from the past to have a good laugh. Select an event space for rent and then fix a date to gather everyone at the venue. Here is a list of ideas to have refreshing fun at the party.

  • Set a theme
  • Slideshow
  • Speeches
  • Music show

Set a theme: This might sound trivial but why should youngsters have all the fun? Inform the party lovers to dress as per the set theme. You could set a retro or sports style for the guests. This kind of thrill will not only make your friends feel young but also gives you an opportunity to snap creative and story-telling pictures. Another unique thought would be to decorate the event room like a classroom. Isn’t it a great way to create a memorable reunion?

Slideshow: Nothing can beat old photos where you and your friends looked different from now. A slideshow of photographs from childhood including picnic snapshots will refresh the memory of everyone. It is a way to restore the emotional connections between pals. Another approach would be to compare how everyone was then and are now to add fun to the evening.

Speeches: As mentioned earlier, the lives of everyone would’ve changed in the last 10 years which means every buddy will have their share of experiences to share with all. Some partners in crime might have gotten married and well-established in a profession whereas some might have become international solo travelers. Sharing recent and school days’ experiences is a way to know how your pals evolved over a period.

Music show: Do you remember the days when you participated in a dance practice session just to skip classes?  Haha, funny and lovely old days! Why not organize a musical night to play such songs to pull everyone into the joyful past?

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that class reunions are a must to connect with missed pals. This is why pull out your slam book and call your friends now! Once every cheddi buddy is ready to meet, find out a reasonable and the best event space for rent to fix a date for the reunion. They say taking people for granted leaves nothing but loneliness. It is up to you to decide.