Long gone the days of accidental ‘meetups’ on the street, which eventually leads to a perfect love story. With food that’s delivered in less than 30 minutes and groceries just a click away, the chances of bumping into your soulmate on your way to the gymare slim pickings. In the age of Artificial Intelligence and Pizza in a mug, relying on your luck to find your partner is like an engineer opting for a career in tightrope walking. It’s not impossible, but certainly a hassle not worth taking.Be patient and find the one who supports you to be better. Good luck on your date with FreshEscort girls.

Is Online Dating Worth the Hype?


Everyone gets 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes and 604,800 seconds in a week. Let’s say our good friend Mary spends an average of 9 hours a day, sitting in front of her computer. That’s 54 hours of work, assuming Mary isn’t a workaholic and takes a day off. She’s now left with 115 hours, in which she sleeps for 49 hours, eats for 10 hours, travels to work, does her chores and runs errands for grocery.With 3 hours to spare everyday, she chooses to sit in pajamas and drink hot chocolate. And we can’t blame her.

If Mary was living in the ’60s, her chances of falling in love with Pip,in a photocopy store were pretty thick. Sadly, she is rumbling through the hardships of the smart generation. Her new relationship started with her laptop when she graduated and joined the adult world.She on and offex-boyfriend,iPhone 6 keeps her busy when MacBook is not around.Eyes on the phone than on the cute boy passing her was definitely not the road to Rome.