A few years ago, vinyl , then known as PVC, had a bad rap. However, the floor covering has since lost its bad image and is once again one of the most popular floor coverings. For good reasons.

The advantages of vinyl flooring are:

  • the high resilience luxury vinyl flooring in hammonton nj is extremely robust. For this reason, the surface scratches less quickly and less severely than real wood.
  • the easy-care vinyl is very easy to care for. You can vacuum it and wipe it wet without any problems, which is particularly beneficial for those who are allergic to house dust mites. However, you should not use abrasive cleaners or alkaline cleaners, as these will take away the shine of the floor.
  • The deceptively real wood look. At first glance, high-quality vinyl flooring with a wood look is indistinguishable from a real wood plank. Even the natural wood structure and the wood grain are deceptively imitated. You have to look very closely and feel the floor to determine that it is not a real wood floor.
  • the low level of walking noise, As we know it from laminate, a vinyl plank is made up of several layers. The impact of sound insulation depends on the number and nature of the layers. But vinyl is already very quiet due to its basic nature.
  • Also suitable for damp rooms, In contrast to real wood floors, vinyl is water-repellent. With a waterproof adhesive, vinyl floorboards can even be laid in the bathroom and toilet.

Vinyl has few drawbacks. They consist in

  • Environmentally harmful disposal Vinyl can only be finally disposed of in incinerators.
  • questionable cheap goods from abroad Cheap vinyl planks that are not produced in the EU can still contain harmful plasticizers. Well-known manufacturers of vinyl flooring, on the other hand, meticulously adhere to the strict control requirements of the EU and use harmless combinations of raw materials. It is therefore important to pay attention to the origin of the vinyl floor.
  • in the lack of opportunity to renovate it. As an artificially produced floor covering, vinyl cannot be sanded off. Because it is so robust, it is still very durable.

Vinyl is becoming more and more fashionable as a material for floor coverings. It is heat-insulating, easy to care for and quite elastic, which ensures good sound insulation. Its low height also makes laying very uncomplicated and provides sufficient leeway when opening doors.