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There are different sizes of containers. They are available on different feet as well. Let’s have some interesting features related to the size of the container. SCF shipping containers come in different sizes. They come in aheight which is of eight ft. which can be considered the smallest option of all ranges. This would be ideal for limited storage requirements as well as the site. Their access is very much limited as the space is limited. There is no doubt about the safety provided by it.  They are equally safe as well as secure along with being waterlight like that of the larger containers.

The different sizes of the container:

Ten ft shipping containers are also referred to as mini shipping forms of containers. They are most ideal to store the goods in the limited space which is provided. They are much safer. they can be used mainly for the safety of onsite storage mainly for furniture or equipment and other main forms of accessories.

Twenty feet container is the most popular and very much in common for onsite storage form of solution. The main reason behind it is the safety and much easier way that can transport the goods.

SCF shipping containers

Twenty feet high form of the cube container is a much-loved one. This much similar to the above one but the slit difference is concerning the additional form of one-foot height. They are equally strong and safe. it is slit taller than the twenty feet form of the container.

Twenty feet along with the side opening is one of the best-preferred shipping containers. They are more flexible and make it possible to store more goods. They provide the dual form of access which is at an end side or the side. This makes it possible to access the good in a much easier way. it has an option of opening fully or even can be opened on the half side as well.

Forty feet type of container is double the size of the twenty feet container;thereby; making it possible to have much space for internal storage. It can be considered as one of the best choices if requiring a large form of site accompanied by high storage capacity.

What makes it to be unique?

SCF shipping containers have awell-trained engineering staff that can meet the need of the customers. They are very much accessible and versatile which makes it possible to provide the best solution to the customers. The length related to the container is very much of varied range. They have the facility of air conditioning which is required for storing the goods.

They also have the great option of accessories like locks along with lockboxes, ramps, and shelving to store. They also have cabinets meant for storage.