how often can you dye your hair

Everyone loves new hairstyles. It is one of the trends in fashion these days. People love experimenting with their hair. Some love it smooth and long, while others keep them wild and short. Some people are unsatisfied with their natural hair color and hence dye it. The possibilities for experimenting with your hair are endless. The trend of hair dying is now on fire because global pop stars and many celebrities play with their hair in various colors and styles, and the fans follow the same. Not like it is a bad thing; dyed hair looks nice for a change. But fashion is one thing, and keeping your hair healthy is the other. If you love to dye their hair, you should keep a check on the number of times you do that. how often can you dye your hair ? It is important to track the frequency of your healthy hair. 

Can you dye your hair as many times as you want? 

The answer is no. It is even more unfortunate for hairstyle lovers. But it is the truth. While you are free to do so, dying your hair frequently will cause severe damage to your hair that could be beyond repair in some cases. But you can dye your hair at different intervals. In this case, you need to keep some things in your mind.

The first thing is that once you have applied dye to your hair, you are recommended not to dye them again for at least six weeks.

Based on the following characteristics, you can decide how long to wait before applying dye to hair after the last time.

  • The color and the growth rate of your hair: Suppose your hair is naturally dark, and you have applied a dye of some light color. In that case, when your hair grows, the roots will be darker than the rest of the strands of your hair. So your hair coloring frequency would depend on that.
  • The type of dye you are using: You need to balance out the frequencies of dye applications to your hair. That means you need to frequent applications if you wish to maintain a permanent color. You can freely go without applying dye for six weeks if you want semi-permanent or temporary hair color.
  • The style you want: There is no need to apply dye frequently to your hair if you care little about the roots of your hair growing in your natural hair color rather than the color of the dye. You can color your hair every 2 to 3 months without causing much damage. Also, it will be good to go for natural dyes rather than the ones filled with chemicals.