None of us should have to live with insecurity, and especially if we know the problem can be fixed. Insecurity relating to our teeth is a pretty common one, especially if you have crooked or missing teeth. For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on the latter and how you can address it. Dentures are one way you can fix the problem of missing teeth and it is recommended for people that are unable to opt for implants or are just looking for a more temporary solution. Implants, on the other hand, is an invasive surgical and restorative procedure where another tooth will be placed in the place of the missing or damaged one in such a manner that it mimics an actual tooth inside our jaw bone. When done successfully, it is a permanent solution, and that is why you need to go for an experienced dentist that does implants to ensure a successful procedure for yourself.

Dental implants involve placing in an implant attachment that looks like a screw into your jawbone socket where the root of your original tooth would be and then having the new tooth on top of it. This way it mimics the appearance and feel of an actual tooth. Your jaw ends up fusing with it over time since it does think it is an actual tooth, and this is how it becomes stronger over time and more securely attached to you.

Not everyone is eligible for implants though and you must go in for a consultation first so that your dentist can go over it with you, explain the procedure in more detail, and then the advantages and potential disadvantages along with post-op care you might need to know so that you can make a more informed decision.