indoor air quality specialists

If you are reading this article, you are probably part of a minority of alert and receptive people, to whom the zero bills team offers a product of the highest level and reserved for a few indoor air quality specialists.

So if you thought you understood how the world of heat pumps works and you had an idea based on the notions heard by plumbers and found on the internet, get ready, because the information I will reveal to you in this short article will revolutionize wrong beliefs forever. that the competition continues to offer undeterred with very often disastrous consequences for the final customer.

Have you ever wondered why no one offers you air conditioners instead of traditional heating with a boiler and radiators?

Because when it’s really cold and the outside temperature is close to zero with a lot of humidity; (typical winter conditions in the Po valley) these heat pumps leave you in the cold and without hot water to take a shower!

Likewise you must know that all Japanese, Korean and Chinese brands; they use this type of heat pump (that is, designed and built to operate as air conditioners in cooling! And not in heating!).

Unfortunately these manufacturers of air conditioners, having noticed the growing business of the last few periods, on heat pumps for heating, have thrown themselves headlong into this emerging market, re-adapting and modifying the machines they already had in production on a global scale, to apply them on heating, with all the limits and inefficiencies that this industrial policy generates… but we’ll talk about this later. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that they didn’t try very hard.

So in summary: if you buy a modified air conditioner, to entrust the comfort of your family and your home, you will have this type of result:

delivery temperatures that will not exceed 48/50 degrees (even if 55 is declared on the labels)

continuous interruptions of operation due to ice on the external unit of the modified air conditioner (it was not designed 20 years ago to make the heat)

very high consumption when the temperature drops below 5 degrees

limited equipment life (on average 12/13 years)

non-specialized service centers (they are very often plumbers, and not ultra-specialized refrigeration specialists)

Well, I have shown you the C Series of heat pumps for heating, now it’s only right that I explain to you why heat pumps are in the A Series.